French – Dutch translation

Translations from French into Dutch are naturally part of our daily work.
As we dealing with one of Belgium’s three national languages, we spare no effort to provide top quality translations at a reasonable price.

Our translators work exclusively in their native language in which they are thoroughly proficient.  They use programmes, dictionaries and glossaries produced specifically for translation purposes.  The texts are always read over and corrected before delivery.  This modus operandi ensures flawless quality for our customers.

Furthermore, a text translated into Dutch will generally be longer than the original in French.  We take due account of this and preserve the same layout as much as possible to spare you the time it takes to go over and adjust the layout.

Initially spoken in the Netherlands and in Flanders, Dutch has spread into other regions of the world.  More than 30 million people speak Dutch, taking into account Afrikaans, a language derived from Dutch which is widely used in South Africa (official language) and in Namibia.

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