French – English Translation

We process daily requests for translations from French into English and vice-versa.  A text translated into English will generally be shorter than the original in French.

Just as there are certain nuances between Spanish in Latin America and in Spain, American English differs from British English.  We take due note of your requirements and undertake to comply with the style requested.

Aware that every company has its own jargon, we ask our usual translators to translate the documents of the same company insofar as possible.  This procedure saves a great deal of time, ensures quality that the customer knows and appreciates, and requires a single briefing per type of translation.

Considered by many as the “international language” at this time, English is undeniably one of the languages most learnt on the planet.  It is also used extensively in the business world as well as in the IT and pharmaceutical sectors.
The influence of English is growing by the day through the globalisation of trade and technology transfers, dominated in part by English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.

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