Alias Languages – Translation office

Need a translation? Alias Languages has the solution!

Alias Languages is a translation agency that provides quality service within the required deadlines.

Every job is confidential and treated so as to preserve the integrity of the files and data of each customer.

We have several teams of translators who translate in their native language.Each team specialises in a precise field: legal, technical, financial, pharmaceutical, commercial, economic, political, cosmetic, editing, IT, advertising, EU affairs, scientific, medical, tourism, etc.

They bring their technical expertise to bear in each field and make it a point of honour to use the right terminology…



Because at Alias, you are not just a number! We offer personalised service.

Trustworthy contacts are on hand to listen to your needs and expectations and guarantee privileged relations.

Your request is treated rapidly and we undertake to provide quality translations on time, down to the minute.

To ensure terminological consistency, we assign your translations to the same translators insofar as possible. These professionals have a full mastery of the subtleties of their native language.

If you have documents to be translated on a regular basis, Alias Languages creates a glossary of your terminology.

This process enables us to take due account of – and to store – your preferences so that we can save as much time as possible!

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